Lower Cost Solar

In any solar installation, the total cost of ownership includes upfront costs, as well as ongoing operation and maintenance costs. The SolarBridge AC Module System reduces the overall cost of energy for a solar installation by as much as 30 percent. How?

  • Lower Upfront Costs. Easy installation reduces upfront costs for ACPV systems. With plug-and-play AC modules, there is no need to install a central inverter or attach numerous microinverters to the racking system – significantly reducing labor costs.  Because the output from the module is AC, components found in traditional systems, such as DC wiring, DC circuit breakers, and DC disconnect switches, are eliminated, further reducing costs and improving reliability. AC modules powered by SolarBridge do not require separate grounding wires as is typical in DC-based or detached microinverter solutions. For all of these reasons, the SolarBridge AC Module System is the safest, most reliable solution for rooftop PV today. System design is much more flexible than DC-based systems, since AC modules capture energy more efficiently from shaded or obstructed areas.
  • Lower Operation and Maintenance Costs. SolarBridge Pantheon microinverters have the same lifetime as a solar module – and are covered by the same warranty as the module. Central inverters and detached microinverters typically come with a 10- to 15-year warranty, so the system owner will need to replace them once or twice during the life of a system. In addition, if a module fails in a traditional system utilizing a central inverter, it needs to be replaced with a module with the same mechanical and electrical characteristics.  With AC modules, this issue disappears. Because the AC outputs from AC modules are paralleled, mixing module types and technologies is now possible. Current generation panels with the highest efficiency and lowest cost can be used to replace failed modules from a previous generation.  If there is ever an issue with an AC module, the power loss is minimal and the SolarBridge Management System will immediately identify it, so that corrective action may be taken.  A traditional string/central inverter-based system does not have module-visibility and failed modules will go undetected.

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SolarBridge designs its microinverters from the ground up with reliability in mind. There are no failure-prone components such as electrolytic capacitors, optoisolators or tantalum capacitors in any SolarBridge product.