Energy Harvest

Solar-powered electricity must be as reliable as energy from the grid. But in a conventional PV system, because of the way DC modules are installed in series, any loss of power on one module affects the performance of the entire string. This is typically referred to as the “Christmas light effect.”

The SolarBridge Pantheon microinverter eliminates this energy degradation by enabling each module to operate independently from adjacent modules and always produce its maximum energy potential. Through maximum power point tracking (MPPT), the Pantheon finds the most productive operating point of every module, increasing system output regardless of shade, clouds or other roof obstructions. This enables SolarBridge-powered AC modules to produce up to 25 percent greater energy harvest, even in shady conditions.

In the past, many homes or businesses have not been considered viable for solar due to their roof orientation or amount of shading. SolarBridge is increasing the market for solar by enabling installers to qualify more sites. And because SolarBridge microinverters come preinstalled on AC modules, installers can reduce the time, cost and complexity of every solar project they install.

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SolarBridge designs its microinverters from the ground up with reliability in mind. There are no failure-prone components such as electrolytic capacitors, optoisolators or tantalum capacitors in any SolarBridge product.