Advantages of ACPV

ACPV systems offer a simpler way to go solar that eliminates one of the most costly and unreliable components of a PV system:  the central or string inverter. Microinverters are at the heart of the system. Microinverters convert the sun’s energy at the module — rather than the system — level, making PV systems run much more efficiently than comparative systems based on central or string inverters.

When a microinverter is integrated on a module, an AC module is born. AC modules have many advantages over high-voltage DC systems commonly installed at residential and small commercial sites today. But there are important distinctions between installing detached microinverters with DC modules, and TrueACTM modules that are tested, certified and manufactured as fully functioning AC appliances.  It’s important to know these differences, as they can affect your installation costs, as well as product warranties and permitting.


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SolarBridge designs its microinverters from the ground up with reliability in mind. There are no failure-prone components such as electrolytic capacitors, optoisolators or tantalum capacitors in any SolarBridge product.