About Us

Solar Techs is making solar energy easier, more reliable and more affordable. Partnering with SolarBridge we are working together to drive solar adoption by delivering TrueACTM modules to the residential and commercial markets. Through its module-integrated design and superior reliability, Solar Techs reduces the cost of solar installations and ultimately accelerates grid parity for solar energy.

Solar Techs is based in Lufkin, Texas. Led by a highly qualified team driven to provide quality service.  We are happy to partner with SolarBridge who offers the industry’s highest standards of reliability, backing the SolarBridge PantheonTM microinverter with a 25-year warranty.

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SolarBridge designs its microinverters from the ground up with reliability in mind. There are no failure-prone components such as electrolytic capacitors, optoisolators or tantalum capacitors in any SolarBridge product.