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The solar panels harvest the sunlight.

The microinverters convert the sun’s
energy to AC power.

The SolarBridge Power Manager monitors
the performance of every module.

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Bringing World Class
Technology to East Texas


With SolarBridge’s beautiful new technology, SolarTechs can safely convert the sun’s rays into ready to use A/C electricity that can power your home or business.  With solar energy, you can use all you need and potentially sell back the excess to the power company at full price.  This will keep your energy bill down and more money in your pocket!

get-started-with-solarTo start enjoying your benefits of solar energy, contact us today.


SolarBridge designs its microinverters from the ground up with reliability in mind. There are no failure-prone components such as electrolytic capacitors, optoisolators or tantalum capacitors in any SolarBridge product.